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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Hepatitis A outbreak reported in US travelers to Mexico - CDC

CDC: Hepatitis A in Mexico (Tulum)
Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Travel Notices: May 1, 2015
As of May 1, 2015, a total of 27 cases of hepatitis A have been reported in US travelers who went to Tulum, Mexico.
All of the people traveled between the dates of February 15, 2015, and March 20, 2015.
CDC recommends that travelers to Mexico get vaccinated against hepatitis A and follow all food and water précautions.
What can travelers do to prevent hepatitis A?
  • Get a hepatitis A vaccine:
  • Eat safe foods
  • Drink safe beverages
  • Practice hygiene and cleanliness
If you feel sick and think you may have hepatitis A
Talk to your doctor or nurse if you feel seriously ill, especially if you have symptoms, including a fever, yellow eyes or skin, stomach pain, dark urine or fatigue.  
Avoid contact with other people while you are sick

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