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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

New Yellow Fever Vaccination Center in JJ Hospital Mumbai - some Traveler tips about immunization for Polio & Yellow Fever

There is a new center in mumbai at JJ Hospital. However not enough information is available about the same.
Here are some Traveler tips about immunization for Polio & Yellow Fever at JJ Hospital Mumbai.

"The OPV is available at J J Hospital, Byculla. Following is the process...
Visit the OPD Department of the Hospital (Entry through Gate No. 6 of the Hospital)From the Central Counter (It is right in the middle with many Windows. Even though it is not a room, it is Numbered as Room Nos. 11) take a Slip for OPV by showing your passport and Pay Rs. 10.
After Taking the Slip Go to Room Nos 13 and Visit the 1st Room on the Right which is marked for OPV and other Immunization. (Do not worry for the Line outside Room 13. It is for something else).
Show your slip to the Guys at Computer and follow as directed from thereon.
Please note timings are from 9.30 to 12.30 only. You need to reach hospital before 12.00 to complete the process within the time.
Comments by another traveler:1. Rs. 10 is the fee for 1st time registration as an OPB patient. This has to be done on Window No. 11 of Room No. 11.2. The immunization is now done in Room No. 50.3. You can get both Yellow Fever and Polio in Room No. 50"

We would love to have the feedback from more travelers about the new center in Mumbai. Please do remember that the easiest and most conveneient way to take the Yellow Fever vaccination in Mumbai is probably the TravelSafe Clinic Center in Chembur. You can get more information by calling Malini at +919867694813 or visiting our website at www.travelsafeclinic.com  


  1. I am going there right now and will post my experience of I am able to get the vaccine. Thanks for the information by the way. Appreciate it

    1. ankit what was your experience like? i need to get the vaccine this week.

    2. I called them up and they said they have stopped giving the yellow fever vaccine

    3. I called them up and they said they have stopped giving the yellow fever vaccine

    4. Wherever said above in the main post is absolutely true and perfect.
      You need to carry original passport. If original not there then show photocopy + one valid photo id like driving license or pan card

    5. Absolutely true and very easy to get yellow fever.nice expierance. (JJ hospital)

  2. Can u tell me there working days ?

  3. Chembur center is now closed. They r not giving Yellow fever vaccination now.

    1. True,
      They are still doing routine travel vaccines, but no longer offering Yellow Fever Vaccination.

  4. The TravelSafe Clinic in Mumbai does NOT GIVE YELLOW-FEVER Vaccine anymore.

  5. The TravelSafe Clinic in Mumbai DOES NOT VACCINATE for Yellow-fever anymore.

    1. Your are quite correct, unfortunately that is true,
      The NOIDA Clinic and the Mohali Clinic are still providing the same, and we have launched a Vaccine@home Initiative as well. Check the tabs above.
      Warm regards

  6. Visit JJ hospital. I did it today :)

    I reached at the hospital at around 8:00 AM and went to Room 11(coutner 11) where Window no. 11 was closed. So I was advised by the bystanders to join the Queue that was already there for Window no. 10. At around 8:30 AM I got my OPV token( You have to present your Passport and pay Rs. 10).

    I then went and asked one of the Hospital staff where is the Yellow Fever Vaccination ward( viz Ward 50). They gave me the directions to the correct place which is adjacent to the counter 11( Walk straight and take a left, you will see people standing with their Passport)

    Join the queue and register yourself. Registration is done by Intern Doctors.Once the registration is done, you will be asked to wait outside the room/ward and the Intern Doctors would come out and call out the names such that a batch of 10 folks are formed.

    Wait for your name and dont leave the premises. Also note that, you need to eat something before being vaccinated.

    Once your name is called, you will be asked to enter a cabin where you will be seated in the sequence at which your name was called.

    There instructions are given on filling up the Yellow Fever card and you will be asked to fill up your details(pretty much straight forward).

    After your details are etched, the Doctors verify the inputs on the form and they sign the form.

    This is followed by the vaccination session. There is a chair in another partition of the room where you will be asked to expose your shoulders where the vaccination is done( upper part of your left hand near the shoulder)

    Once this is done, your card will be handed over to you and off you go.

    The whole procedure for me (from standing in queue for OPV registration till I stepped out of ward 50) was approx. 1 hour 45 minutes.

    Have your breakfast before the vaccination.
    Wear a T-shirt so that you don't have to unbutton in front of the Lady Interns :P


    1. Thanks for the detailed tips,
      Great to have your feedback,
      Dr Gupta

  7. Hi, is JJ Hospital still giving yellow fever vaccinations?
    I am planning to visit them tomorrow.

  8. Hi...
    I visited JJ hospital today ( 4th may'2017)
    .JJ hospital gives yello fever vaccine..they are organised and wait time is much lesser than other centres..all info about vaccine is given properly bfre hand..It is better to reach around 8 Am to avoid waiting.
    1.Entre from gate 6
    2.Go to opd section @ window no 11 ( which is in centre of opd hall)
    3.There is a sep queue for ladies gents and senior citizen ( one registration per person- so ech one has to stand for herself / himself)
    4. Pay Rs.10/- at the counter get registration no and proceed to room no 50 on the same level.
    5. Entre the room and give ur registration no to the intern doctors and wait till they call out your name.
    6. They need 10 candidates per batch ( so early you go, your wait time is minimal) else you wait till they form a group of 10 candidates.
    7. Timings are - 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
    8. Wear a short sleeved t-shirt or top.( so that you dont have to unbutton in front of intern)
    9. Once you taKe the vaccine it takes about 10 days for it to work on your system.
    10. a. Pregnant ladies cannot take this vaccine
    b. If you have taken any vaccine on or bfre yellow fever vaccine date you cannot take this vaccine for nxt 1 month.
    c. If you are allergic to egg protien or are taking heavy medicAtion like steriods avoid taking yello fever.
    11. Carry original or xerox copy of passport also wrks.
    12. 1st they give yellow fever shot later you fill in form for OPV and then once OPV drops are given you cannot eat or drink for nxt 30mins.

    I hope this info helps..
    All the Details on how to fill yellow fever and OPV cards are given well at centres. The staff and doctors are extremely helpful and polite.
    They follow a systematic procedure which makes it hassel free for the candidates and wait is also minimal as compared to other centres.

    Happy holidays to all...
    Nishita Gandhi

    1. Took vaccine on 31.10.17. All the information shared above is correct.

      Staff of JJ Hospital is very helpful.

  9. Just got yellow fever shot some days back. All information by Nishita Gandhi was very helpful .. thanks

  10. All information as per Nishita Gandhi was very helpful. Just just yellow fever shot some days back. Thanks

  11. JJ hospital it Grant Hospital, very professionally handle yellow fever vaccine, get yourself a voucher slip from the OPD counter paying Rs.10, go to ward 50, register yourself for the vaccine by entering details in a register based on the slip given to you.they start vaccination by 9 to 9.30 am in batches of 10, they give the group a good brief about the vaccines , what why etc. They then go ahead with the injection. They also mention countries where even polio drop document is supposed to be given and give that too.i am really impressed by the whole exercise . Good job done.

  12. Yellow fever vaccinations in JJ hosp. is open on Saturday?

  13. Hw much we have pay for Vaccination ? Coz at ballard estate they charged rs 300