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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Where can I get Yellow Fever Vaccination in Kolkata/ Calcutta/ West Bengal?

I have gotten many queries regarding Yellow Fever Vaccination Center in Kolkata/ Calcutta/ West Bengal?
I am posting the details here

1. All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health 
SALT LAKE-700098 (Near TANK No.14) Kolkata 
Days : Friday Registration Timing : No Data Inoculation Timing : 11:00 to 13:00 Tel No : 033 - 2241 2888 / 2335 9556 / 93309 06488

2. Airport Health Organization 
Dum-Dum Airport, 
Airport Health Officer, 
Airport Health Organization 
NSCBI Airport, Kolkata 700052 
Days : Tuesday & Thursday 
Registration Timing : No Data 
Inoculation Timing : 12:00 to 14:00 
Tel No : 098310 47763 / 033 - 2511 9044 / 2511 8787 

3. Port Health Organization Marine House, 
1st floor, Hastings,   
Kolkata - 700 022 
Days : Monday and Wednesday and Friday 
Registration Timing : No Data 
Inoculation Timing : 14:00 to 16:00 
Tel No : 033 - 2223 0904 / 2223 0414 / 2223 0178

Do share your experiences in getting vaccinated at any of the Yellow Fever Vaccination Centers in Kolkata.

Comment:: In my opinion the main problems are two fold. It is inconvenient since the centers are open only a few days every week. No one answers the phone usually, so you are never really sure if you would actually be able to get the injection if you are coming from a far off place.
The use of multi-dose vial, and the use of a generic non standard Yellow Fever vaccines are other issues that you need to be aware of.
Unfortunately, I am not aware of any private centers doing the Yellow Fever vaccination in an appropriate way in Kolkata.

DISCLAIMER : All the information is taken from the source website(s), and I am not liable for any changes/ errors. Please confirm with the local authorities for any changes in the schedule / pricing

Here are some user experiences

Yellow Fever Vaccination at Kolkata Marine House:
Last month renewed my Yellow Fever Vaccination certificate at Kolkata Marine house. 
Few points worth sharing : 
Marine House, Kolkata does not book appointment by Telephone 
Innoculation done only on Mon / Wed & Fri 
Since the gate opens only by 09:00 try to be there by that time.
 People write their name in a blank page for reference.
 Room opens at 12:30 PM & assistant will take that page (list of Candidates) 
You are required to bring 2 copies(xerox) of Passport (1st+Last Page) 
Mariners additionally required to bring 2 copies(xerox) of CDC (1st+Address Page) 
You will be given a form to fill your details. 
Fees of Rs 300 is to be paid in a room nearby (shown by assistant) 
Yellow fever vaccine is given in batches of 10. 
You may be asked to return if you do not fall in group of 10. 
A soft spoken lady Doctor will be giving YF vaccination. 
Wear half sleeves shirt for easier injection in arm. 
After injection you will be asked to wait for an hour and After an hour you will be given Yellow fever Certificate. 
My personal experience was that getting vaccination is more of luck. I reached there by 10:55 AM and was at 17th number. 
That day 23 people came and last 3 were returned. 
While you can come late and get saved (if more people come and complete 10 people group), it is still advisable to reach early. Best of luck for your Yellow Fever vaccination at Kolkata. Posted by: Rishi Kashyap 
Best is to come on Wednesday as monday is flooded. Better to take room around marine club and and reach Chappels at around 9:00. It would be better if you get a taxi, because MMD is long way down the main road. Posted by: Sindbaad Sailor 


  1. is yellow fever vacctionation is still given in kolkata marine house ?

  2. I took my vaccine in July 2017 from AIIHPH, Salt Lake and I'm quite satisfied with their service. Vaccination done on Fridays with prior appointment. You should be within the first 20 to be sure. This institute provides vials to Airport and Marine House as well. But Marine house remains crowded so Salt Lake is a good option. Also R G Kar Medical college has begun yellow fever vaccination on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is required for travel to Latin America and Africa.

    1. Thanks,
      These kind of inputs are very helpful for other travelers as well,