We are NOT authorized by Govt of India for Yellow Fever Vaccination

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Yellow fever Vaccination is a legal obligation

If you are travelling or transiting through areas that are infected with yellow fever, many countries require you to be vaccinated. A record of your vaccination must be entered and validated in your International Certificate of Vaccination. It is best to get the vaccination to make sure that you meet the varying entry requirements. For the latest information on the list of countries that are infected with yellow fever, look here. Talk to your travel agent and also consult with your doctor (preferably at least two months before traveling) to arrange for this and other travel vaccinations. You must have the yellow fever vaccine at least 10 days before to a yellow fever endemic country, otherwise you may be quarantined compulsorily (kept forcibly in a hospital for a week to make sure that you do not have Yellow Fever).

All information provided by Dr Gaurav Gupta, MD, Charak Clinics. Stamaril, Yellow Fever Vaccine is available at Charak Clinics, Chandigarh, North India for all travelers to Endemic Countries in Africa / Central & South America with WHO certificate of vaccination valid for 10 years. For details write to us at drgaurav-at-charakclinics.com (replace -at- by @) or call at 91-172-5092585, 91-9872303775 during Office Hours.