We are NOT authorized by Govt of India for Yellow Fever Vaccination


FAQs for Yellow Fever Vaccine

1.       What is Yellow Fever?
Ans.  Yellow fever is a viral infection causing jaundice, which is transmitted by mosquito bites. While this virus is present only in a few African / South American countries, the mosquito exists in large parts of the world including many Asian countries.

2.       Why is Yellow Fever Vaccine compulsory and other vaccines optional?
Ans. Yellow Fever Vaccine is NOT the most common problem in these countries. The idea behind this vaccination is to prevent you from catching this disease in one of the African / South American countries, and then coming to India, and spreading Yellow Fever in India. As stated above, other diseases may be much more common and deadly, and you should take vaccinations and precautions for the same to remain safe & healthy, by talking to your travel doctor.

3.       Are you an authorized center?
Ans.  We are NOT authorized by the government of India. However, we are authorized by the Yellow fever vaccine manufacturer (Sanofi Aventis – Multi National company) who have gotten the approval from WHO for their Yellow Fever Vaccine – STAMARIL, made in France. They have also taken permission from DCGI for the same to market this vaccine in India. The Govt of India does not give direct permission to any private health care facility to provide Yellow Fever Vaccination.

4.       How can I be sure that the vaccination taken from you would be accepted by my embassy / immigration etc.?
Ans. We have been providing Yellow Fever Vaccine since 2005, and thousands of clients have successfully taken the vaccination and traveled to different countries. In fact, a lot of our present business is by word of mouth publicity from past vaccine takers. However, we do NOT guarantee that you will not face any problems at embassy / immigration, since we are unable to interact with these authorities. Our certificates are displayed on our website, and we would be happy to show you the originals. As of September 2014, due to the Ebola scare, immigration authorities in India (at least the Delhi Airport) have started asking for the Government of India stamped Yellow Fever Vaccination certificate for people returning from Africa. Hence we are asking travelers to take Yellow Fever certificate from the Government centers or from abroad. The traveler is always responsible for clearing the immigration, and we do not take any responsibility for the same.
5.        What are the side-effects of this vaccine? I’ve read on the internet about serious problems that can be caused by this vaccine.
Ans. As said above, we have provided thousands of doses of this vaccine and have not faced any serious problems. Since this is a single dose, WHO approved French vaccine made by a leading Multi-national company, we are certain about the safety of the vaccine. The common problems reported by a small number of clients include local pain, mild fever and sometimes a little bit of swelling. Only one of our customers reported a mild rash after the vaccination. That being said, any medicine / vaccine can cause serious side-effects rarely. For example, even Crocin drops given to small babies have this warning “May cause liver damage”, even though it is one of the safest medicines, and can be given to even a day old child. Hence we do ask that you wait for a few minutes after the vaccination so that we can monitor you for any potentially serious problems. As said above, we have thankfully not faced any such problems, though we are prepared for the same if the need arises. Just to add, we are the only travel clinic in the country to have researched the Yellow Fever Vaccine and have published data for Yellow Fever Vaccine in Indian travelers at the 9th Asia Pacific travel health conference, Singapore in May 2012. We have also presented data regarding the safety of Yellow Fever Vaccine at International conference on patient safety, NIPER in March, 2012.

6.       Can I take a Crocin / other pain-killers if I get fever, pain or swelling after the vaccine?
Ans. Yes, while this is quite uncommon, for a mild reaction with little bit of fever, pain or swelling, you can take any OTC pain medicine including Crocin, Combiflam etc. If there is any doubt, please call us for clarification.

7.       My child is 4 year old; do I need to vaccinate her?
Ans. Yes, any child above the age of 1 year must take the Yellow Fever Vaccine. Children below 6 months should definitely NOT take the vaccine, while we generally prefer to give vaccines to infants above 9 months to provide protection against this disease.

8.       What other vaccines should I take if I’m traveling to XYZ country?
Ans. The list of travel vaccines varies in each country, and your travel doctor should be able to help you in this situation. Let us know where you are going and we would be glad to help. Remember, while Yellow Fever Vaccine is a legal requirement, many other diseases are far more common and much more serious for you & your family members while traveling abroad. Preferably meet a travel doctor at least 4-8 weeks before your travel date so that you can be protected against common illnesses.

9.       Can I send someone else to take my Yellow Fever Vaccine certificate?
Ans. No, the certificate has to be signed by your personally, in front of the certifying doctor. Hence we are unable to send it with anyone else.

10.   Can you just issue the certificate without giving me the vaccine, I am scared of injections?
          Ans. No, that would be cheating. We are only authorized to issue the certificate after vaccinating you. Of course, if there is a valid medical reason for not vaccinating you, we would be happy to assist you.

11.   What are the requirements for taking this vaccination?
Ans. All you need is the original passport. If that is not available, then the details of the passport (these are to be entered in the certificate) and any original photo ID proof (like voter ID card, PAN card, Driving license, PAN card) would suffice.

12.   Do I need to have the VISA before taking the vaccine?
Ans.  No.  The only necessity is the passport details (& original ID proof if original passport is NA). Visa is not needed

13.   My passport has gone to the embassy. Can I take the vaccine?
Ans. Yes. Just carry the details of your passport – preferably a photocopy, or send a scanned copy to our email. And carry an original photo ID proof, and we will do the vaccination.

14.   Do I need to send the original certificate to the embassy?
Ans. We do not know. Each embassy has a different requirement for issuing a Visa. Most would be happy with just a photocopy, but please check with your travel agent for the same. But you must carry the original certificate during immigration checks, along with your passport, while traveling to & from the affected African & South American countries.

15.   Where is this certificate checked, during going or coming back to India?
Ans. It can be checked by any immigration officer, either while going out of India, or while coming back to India, in either country. Generally speaking, it is more likely to be checked at Indian customs while returning back, though some countries like Brazil are quite strict in checking the same during arrival / departure.

16.   How soon before traveling can I take this vaccination?
Ans. The vaccination needs 10 days to become effective. It is valid for 10 years.

17.   I have taken the vaccination from some other center/ hospital, can you issue a certificate?
Ans. No, we can only certify vaccines taken from our center.

18. I have lost the vaccination certificate, can you issue a duplicate?
Ans. No, we cannot issue a duplicate certificate. The original unique sticker of the vaccination is attached to the certificate that we provide you. If you lose the original certificate, we need to revaccinate. There are generally no serious side-effects of revaccination.

19.  I am a vegetarian, and the govt center has refused to vaccinate me, citing possible egg allergy as a reason. Will you do it?
Ans. Yes, studies clearly show that there is no reason to test vegetarians for egg allergy before vaccination or avoid giving them the vaccine. We will do the vaccination under proper monitoring.

20.   I have egg allergy, will you vaccinate me?
Ans. It depends. For true egg allergy – meaning severe breathing problems, severe rash, and low BP etc. the vaccination is contraindicated. We will check your medical history and advise accordingly. For milder allergies like mild stomach pain or diarrhea after eating eggs, this is not a problem, and we have vaccinated many such individuals without any side-effects.

21.   Why are the govt center charges lesser than yours?
Ans. There are a couple of reasons for this.
a) The govt center uses an Indian vaccine while get the vaccination from France. The govt of India vaccination is actually not a WHO pre-approved vaccine, since the French vaccine that we use is a WHO pre-approved vaccine.
b) The govt vaccine is a multi-dose vial, and the same vial is used to vaccinate 10 different people. The vaccine that we use is a single dose vial, used for only 1 person with no risk of contamination.
Hence people can come to our clinic in any numbers, and on any day (except Sunday, and with prior appointment) for the vaccination. Also there is no significant waiting time, since unlike the govt centers that make you wait till they have 10 people before opening a new vial, no such problem exists here. Finally, given that this is a WHO approved single dose vaccine, the chances of side-effects are likely lesser with this vaccine.

22.  We are travel agency and would be interested in sending our clients to you, how do we proceed?
Ans. Please contact us so that we can assist you further.

23. Do you have any branches?
Ans. We are currently available at three locations.
1. TravelSafe Clinic - Mohali
Dr. Gaurav Gupta, MBBS, DCH, DNB
SCF 85 (FF), Phase - 7
Mohali - 160061
Office Hours:
Mon - Sat:
9:30 am to 1:30 pm
5:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Please contact us during regular office hours on 91-172-5092585, 91-172-4663775, 91-9872303775

2.TravelSafe Clinic – NOIDA (NCR, Delhi)
Dr ( Maj Gen) Rishi K Gupta,
Ex Prof & HOD Paed AFMC Pune
H. no. 436, Sector 28,
NOIDA. U.P. (National Capital Region, Delhi)
Office Hours:
Mon - Sat:
8:00 am to 9:30 am
12 to 2:00 pm
5:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Sunday (By appointment only)
Please contact us during regular office hours on 91-120-2453202, 91-9810806594

3. TravelSafe Clinic – Mumbai

(Mumbai Center no longer provides the Yellow Fever Vaccination)

Dr. Neeta Nathani, MD.
Nathani Clinic,
Office No. 2, Vikas Center,
Wadavali, C. G. road,
Chembur, Mumbai 400074
Office Hours:
Mon – Sat: 10:00 am to 11:00 am 18:00 pm to 19:00 pm Sunday Closed

24. Are there different vaccines for children?
Ans. No, the same vaccine is given to children above the age of 1 year

25.  Can I get an exemption from this vaccination?
Ans. If you are pregnant, or have severe egg allergy (documented), or had a severe reaction to previous Yellow Fever Vaccine then you may be exempted from taking this vaccine. Carry your doctor’s certificate and supporting reports for the same.

26.   What are your credentials as a Travel doctor?
Ans. I’m glad you asked. It not only means that you are concerned regarding the quality of medical care that you receive, but it also gives me a chance to talk a bit about myself. We are member of International Society for Travel Medicine, American Society of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene am a member of International Association of Medical Assistance to Travelers. We are also the sole Indian member of British & GlobalTravel Health Association. We have conducted & presented the only studies from India done on Stamaril, the WHO approved Yellow Fever vaccination that we are using in various International forums.
1. Knowledge, attitude and practices of the Indian travelers receiving Yellow fever vaccination. 9th Asia Pacific travel health conference, Singapore. May, 2012. Abstract No- 139
2. Safety & tolerability of Yellow fever vaccine in the healthy Indian travelers. International conference on patient safety, NIPER. March, 2012. Abstract No- 9.
You will find me a well read, articulate, friendly and knowledgeable travel & vaccine specialist, & will get the latest & best travel health advice in India at our clinic.                        

And finally, 

The most common FAQ for Yellow Fever Vaccine (most of our clients are from Punjab ;)

Can I drink after taking the Yellow Fever Vaccine?
Ans. Yes, you can eat & drink & make merry after the vaccine without any ill-effects whatsoever!
While we are at it, you do not need to be fasting or avoid any particular foods before taking the vaccine too.


  1. I have already taken appointment for Yellow Fever vaccination on 21st August at Hyderabad. But I have forgotten to take print out. How to take print out.

    1. We do not have a branch in Hyderabad, so I cannot personally assist you in this regard.
      I would recommend contacting the people who are doing the vaccination for the same,

  2. I have lost the vaccination certificate, can you issue a duplicate?is not .so what i do.

    1. That's FAQ no. 18 :)
      In general the answer is no, but if you have taken the vaccine with us & have a photocopy, we can have a look at your case individually.
      However, please do not ask for a certificate if you have NOT taken the same with us previously.
      We can always provide you with another YF vaccine though,

  3. i have already taken the yello fever vaccination...can i get the certificate?? if not then plz suggest how do i get certificate??is it safe to take again thesame vaccination for the certificate only...

    please suggest..thanks in advance

    1. Only the person vaccinating you can issue the certificate if certified.
      You can take the vaccine again a minimum of 30 days after the last shot,

  4. I am in Chennai,How can I get Yellow fever vaccination .
    from you. I have to visit Africa urgently. Please guide me

    Kumar. R

    1. Not available at present, please contact after 20th may

    2. please mail me once you get the vaccine,,,,

  5. Dr Gaurav Gupta
    I need yello feaver vacciton , i m planning to go africa
    I m from punjab , can u give it to me
    I need crtificate for having yello feaver ingection !
    Plz cont me on sainisabb@yahoo.com or 9465375562

  6. M from punjab
    Need vacction for yello feaver

  7. Is the vaccination available in kerala

  8. Dr. Gupta,
    I am from Bangaloer...
    Do you have any clinic in B'lore where I can get the YFV or is there any other center in B'lore where I can get the YFV?

    1. There is a post for YF centers in Bangalore, check it here
      We do not have a center in Bangalore at present,
      Dr Gupta

  9. Dear Dr Gupta
    I am from Bangalore.

    I had taken the yellow fever vaccine on 13th june 2012.
    As on 05/07/2012 i have a new passport.

    On the booklet, the old passport no is entered.

    Please advice if i the vaccine will hold good with the new passport or should re-vaccinate myself. Thanks

    Colin Calmiano

  10. I am from Pondicherry, Is there any center available at Pondicherry to get the yellow fever vacciation...

  11. hello sir ,
    do you have any center in haridwar
    please mail me on my mail id parneetrai@gmail.com . urgently

    1. The closest would be either Delhi OR Chandigarh,

  12. My son is 11 months old.I am planning to bring him to Kenya. Do we need yellow fever vaccination for him?If yes will they give vaccine in india.I heard that minimum age for vaccination is one month.please advice?

    1. The minimum age of vaccination is 6 months as per Indian immigration.
      In practice though, no one really bothers till the child is around 1 year age.
      I would recommend that you get the vaccination done BEFORE you travel to Kenya, just to be sure,
      Warm regards

  13. hello , i lost my Yellow Fever card in dar es salaam tanzania and i travel india next month what can i do ? i dont have any copy or number i have india passport

    1. Hi,
      You would need to get another dose in Tanzania itself.
      There is generally no side-effect of this extra dose,
      Warm regards

  14. Dear Dr Gupta ,
    We are traveling to an South American country which needs yellow fever vaccination while returning to India. My question is, we have a son who will also go, he has autoimmune disorder and is exempt from vaccines. Will he be quarantined when returning at the airport in Delhi?

  15. Dear Dr Gupta
    We are traveling to an South American country which needs to be have yellow fever vaccination while returning to India. My question is, we have a son, who will accompany us, who has autoimmune disorder and is exempt from vaccines, so will he be quarantined when arriving in Delhi?

  16. I need yello feaver vacciton , i m planning to go africa
    I m from punjab , can u give it to me
    I need crtificate for having yello feaver ingection !