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Monday, August 24, 2015

Where can I get Yellow Fever Vaccination in Chennai/ Tamil Nadu?

I have gotten a lot of queries regarding Yellow Fever Vaccination Center in South india. I am posting the details here for Chennai Center for Yellow Fever Vaccination

    International vaccination centre

    King Institute of Preventive

    Medicine & Research, Guindy ,Chennai –600032
  • Phone              :    044-22501520
  • Ext                  :    127, 128
  • Email ID          :    kipmguindy@yahoo.com
           Vaccination against yellow fever for International Travellers is being done on Fridays from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm and the certificate issued immediately. (If Friday is a holiday it’s done on the previous working day)
  • FEE                             :    Rs. 200 / 500 dose
  • Mandatory requirement         :     Passport
        Immunity begins from 10 days after Vaccination and lasts for 10 years.
         The vaccine is a freeze–dried virus containing chick embryo tissues infected with attenuated yellow fever virus strain 17D. The vaccine meets WHO requirements .It is obtained from CRI Kasauli, which procures it from Federal state unitary Enterprise on manufacture of Bacterial and viral preparations (Russian Academy of Medical Sciences)
  • Utilization of vaccine per week              : 100 – 120 doses
  • Annual performance                               : 2010 – 2011 - 4700
  • Allergic manifestations to the vaccine     : NIL reported till date
    Travellers have been injected and issued the certificate of Vaccination on the same day.

There is another center in Port Health organization, here are its details

XI. Vaccination against Yellow Fever
Instructions for Yellow Fever Vaccination
Yellow fever vaccination is given on demand at a nominal charge of Rs.300/- on Wednesdays and Fridays between 10AM to 1.00PM
Port health Organisation is the only centre in Kerala authorized by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare to provide Yellow Fever Vaccination for passengers travelling to Yellow Fever affected countries in Africa and South America.
Port Health Organisation, Cochin is located in Willingdon Island. The Office is located in the north end of the island opposite Customs House and next to Mercantile Marine Department (MMD).
Passengers for Yellow Fever Vaccination are to report to vaccination centre before 10 O’ clock along with Passport/ photocopy of the Passport. After reaching the centre please register your name in the registration slip and fill up the Consent Form for vaccination. The vaccination will start after 11 AM.
The validity of the Yellow Fever Vaccination starts from the 10th day of the vaccination to 10 years and a re-vaccination is required on completion of 10 years.
Passengers going to Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan and Pakistan should take Polio Vaccination alongwith Yellow Fever Vaccination. Passengers should inform the Registration Clerk about the countries they intend to visit. PHO, Cochin has made arrangement for Oral Polio Vaccination to be given along with Yellow Fever Vaccination. The passengers are required to take the Oral Polio Vaccination 4 weeks prior to visiting the Polio affected countries. The Oral Polio Vaccine is valid for 1 Year.
The passengers who have taken the Yellow Fever Vaccination are also requested to inform the Port Health Organisation about serious/ life threatening side effects, if any, they had within 1 month of the vaccination in writing to Port Health Officer at the following E-mail ID – phocochin@yahoo.co.in  or by phone 0484 2666060.   The side effects includes continues fever/ pain or lump at the site of injection, allergy, breathlessness, asthma, itching at the site of injection or severe anaphylactic reaction following the vaccination.
Duplicate Yellow Fever Vaccination card is issued to persons who have lost the Yellow Fever card on production of
1. FIR in original   2. Passport   3. Photocopy of the Original Yellow Fever Card issued ( if any )  4. Request letter addressed to Port Health Officer. 
Port Health Organisation,
Willingdon Island,
Comment: In my opinion the main problems are two fold. It is inconvenient since the center is open only once a week. No one answers the phone usually, so you are never really sure if you would actually be able to get the injection if you are coming from a far off place.
The use of multi-dose vial, and the use of a generic non standard Yellow Fever vaccine are other issues that you need to be aware of.
Unfortunately, I am not aware of any private centers doing the same in Chennai.
Any feedback from people taking the vaccination at this (or any other center) would be appreciated
DISCLAIMER : All the information is taken from the govt websites, and I am not liable for any changes/ errors. Please confirm with the local authorities for any changes in the schedule / pricing. 


  1. Now they are charging 500 INR for yellow fever, in king institute

  2. It is better to do registration online for King institute(Guindy). The waiting period is less for online registered users. Vaccinations are done both Tuesday and Friday.