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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Now a comprehensive website for Yellow fever vaccination in India !

Finally, we have managed to launch the first and only comprehensive website providing all the relevant information on yellow fever disease & its vaccination in India at www.yellowfevervaccine.in 
This website has a large amount of information about Yellow fever disease and its vaccination, including symptoms and complications of the disease, list of centers providing the vaccine in India, advantages of vaccination in private center, contraindications for not taking the vaccines, potential precautions for taking the vaccine, contact information for Charak Clinics - the leading private vaccination center for yellow fever vaccination in India, and certificates, testimonials and FAQs, and lots more ! All in an easy to understand, comprehensive website.
We would love to have your feedback and suggestions regarding the same.
Write to us regarding the website, or for any more information at drgaurav-at-charakclinics.com.