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Friday, December 16, 2011

Experiences of Yellow Fever vaccination at Government Center in India

Mumbai - Seamen Medical

Days : Monday to Friday (Closed on all Public Holidays) 
documents required: original passport, 3 nos rupee 100:00 denomination notes only(change , and 1000/500 notes not allowed) 
Maximum entries:80 ( Now changed to 100 daily)

Due to being a primary centre for sea cadets, I think the crowd here is more disciplined and cordial. You have to register by going early morning at least before 7:00 am. People start entering their name in the list and sign the paper sheet maintained by one of the people in the queue.

The office opens at 10:30 am. You have to be sure u r within 100 on the list. You then have to wait there and cannot go out or anywhere else to be sure u get the place in the queue. If u leave the place and go , your no is dropped off and next person becomes eligible in your place.
This is on 3rd and 4th March 2011 . I wanted to get both my children vaccinated. So I started research few days back.First thing I did is to find information on this site. Then I called on the no and they just told me that I need to reach Ballard Estate as early as possible on the same day and see that I am within 100 people in queue. Get 3 notes of 100 rs. and original passport only. So I took a train from pune at night on 3rd March 2011 and reached Mumbai CST at 6:00 am. From there took a taxi to The Ballard estate , though it is just 10 minutes walking distance from CST.
There were already some people there waiting I got nos 34 and 35 for my kids. Some people said they were waiting there from night 12:00 , some sleeping there itself, a couple turned up in morning and said they had come there in the night at around 12:00 , entered their names they were 14th and 15th in the list and left , were at home and came back in the morning to wait in the queue. We asked the people there that can we go out till Gateway of India and come back, they suggested not to leave the place as the people there will replace us if we r not present there. So from 6:00 am till 12:30 when we finished with vaccine we were in the queue. Yet there were discussions and some said we were lucky there r few people today and all is peaceful, on some days there are more than 200 people crowding and fighting to get a place the same day.
There was an incident .
 A lady with her 2 year old child had come for her kids vaccination. Her kid was troubling her so she had entered her name at no 43 and taken her kid for a walk. She returned at 10:30 when they were letting people in the office where vaccine is given. The person asked her to wait and did not allow her to go in and told her she had lost her no in the queue , as she was not present there. Luckily the lady's husband was engineer in navy so she was able to get a chance after talking to the Doctor.
We get the certificate right there. Then after 12:30 we went to Gateway of India and Prince of Wales Museum , were dead tired. I had reservations for deccan queen 5:10 pm was in pune by 8:40 pm. Hectic Day!


  1. Thanks for the information. The vaccination center in Mumbai has recently started a VIP queuing system. If you pay 2500 rupees, you can get the vaccination. There is no limitations like 70 numbers per day or something. Any number of travelers can get the vaccination provided you pay Rs.2500. But you will get the receipt for Rs.300 only. That tells the rest of the money goes to someone. Also you are paying 2500 to the securities and not directly to the people authorized to collect the money. This is totally illegal. People in this Airport Health Organization is making lot of money.

    1. You are quite right, people have approached us with the same scheme, and we have politely declined sharing their details on our forum..
      There are even people who have been provided a FAKE certificate without ever visiting the Clinic !
      The travelers do not realize the risk of these fraudulent schemes on their health, and even the health of the nation, if the disease spreads in our country.

  2. Just went for my Yellow fever vaccination at Mumbai APO near below the airport flyover, Sahar. The other centre at Ballard Pier is out of stock since 4 month now. WOW. Quite a hassle. People start queing up from 5:30 pm the previous day. The list which is maintained is very important. I reached the centre at 6 am and my number was 79. People are coming from far flung places like Delhi, Kerala, Chennai for the shots. Once u come to the centre ensure that your name is on the list which is being maintained in the queque. At 8:30 am they opened the gates after verifying the documents. Passengers need their E-tkt with the confirmation number along with the passport. Sailors need their original CDC along with the passport. Touts had the run of the place offering to bypass the queque for 3000 rupees. Only 70 shots are given on a day. Mondays thru fridays only. It is wise that if your number is within 80, u may have a chance at the vaccination. Many people come with unconfirmed tickets, passport xerox instead of original. they are automatically rejected. I hung around there till 10 am. 12 people ahead of me were rejected in the queque for incomplete paperwork and suddenly my number jumped to 67 from 79. WOW. At 1030 am they collected 300 rupees and issued the receipt. Vaccinations started at 1115 am and lasted till 12 pm in 3 batches. There is something called VIP quota for ministers. If they dont use that up, passengers are entitled to use them after paying 2500 rupees but the receipt is only of 300 rupees. The VIP shots are 40 in number. I saw around 15 guys hanging around for VIP shots after the initial 70 vaccinations are over. SO u can see how much money is being made per day by the guys which comes to 31k with just 15 people. The money is distributed by the doctor 50%, the peons 20%, and the rest 30% goes to the office staff. So now u know. If your number is till 85, it is wise to wait couple of hours more.

    1. I diifer on this, may be its after 2 years after u went... but the staff was help full and quite systematic, no bribes paid at MUMBAI INTL airport APHO. Only Rs 300 cash, valid e ticket and passport... I have all details on YF shots. Hav read about long Q etc etc stories but my exp. was quite decent and was done with shot & certificate issued in 1 hr

  3. can u please tell me yellow fever vaccination is available now at seamen medical

  4. pl provide us the vaccination center at patna if not there then near by places as i have to get my mother vaccinated for same

  5. This is India...... Anything can be possible. You get vaccination for Yellow Fever but ultimately you also get some more colourful stories that becomes unforgetable. I dont understand why do we have to suffer and keep bribing these Government officials. Really sad to see this.... Each one of you had suffered some or the other way its apalling people we need to put these people right. But question is how can we do this?

  6. MUMBAI APHO is neat and systematic, helpful staff... I reached at 11am today and was done with YF shot in 1 hr. You may write to me for details

  7. Its near JW Marriot hotel adjoining elevated road to T2 INTL Airport MUMBAI. valid e-ticket print out and passport required

  8. Dear Amitabh,
    Your comments are appreciated and hopefully other travelers will benefit and have a great experience at Mumbai too !
    We want more users to share their experiences as well