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Monday, July 28, 2014

What Vaccines are needed to study in England (UK)?


Hi, is it necessary to have vaccinations? If so, what should be vaccinated? For example, Td, MMR.... thanks. 

The vaccination requirement can vary between different universities in UK. Generally speaking though, the current recommendation is that if you are up to and including 24 years of age,
you should have had TWO mumps vaccinations and ONE Meningitis C vaccination.
In India, many of us have taken only a dose of measles as a child (in the govt sector MMR is still not available), hence we should plan for 2 doses of MMR (at least 4-12 weeks apart). Also take a single dose of MCV 4 (ACWY - MENACTRA), since the plain Meningitis C vaccine is not available in India.
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