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Friday, July 4, 2014

Another query about breast feeding mother & Yellow Fever vaccination


We are planning to visit Kenya on 18th August, my wife has given birth to a baby on 16th Feb 2014,just want to see if it’s still necessary for her to get vaccinated as the doctor suggests no vaccination till she is breast feeding .. please suggest.

No Vaccination till at least the baby is 6 months old, and preferably 9 months old.
At this age, vaccination can be administered to the baby.
Vaccination of breastfeeding women should be avoided where possible. Ideally, the mother should postpone her visit to a yellow fever area so as to avoid the risk in herself & the baby to get yellow fever disease. However, if the risk of YF during travel is considered sufficiently high they may be vaccinated. Where an infant less than 9 months of age is breastfeeding, and the mother needs YF vaccination for personal protection, one option is to discontinue breastfeeding and replace feeds with formula on the day of vaccination and for a further two to three weeks (minimum 10 days) (expressing and disposing of breast milk during that time). Breast feeding can be recommenced after this time.
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Dr Gaurav Gupta

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