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Friday, September 20, 2013

Yellow Fever Vaccine in short supply in Isle of Man

Health officials have declared the vaccination that guards people against yellow fever is in limited stock in the Isle of Man. 
The people of the island have been advised not to go to Africa or South America due to the shortage as these countries have infection of yellow fever. This disease is caused by a virus belonging to the Flaviviridae family and is passed on by mosquitoes.
Vaccines for yellow fever are in limited stock since July and would be carried on till January 2014. Symptoms such as high fever, jaundice, low blood pressure and kidney failure are symptoms of the disease.
It's a wide-spread disease in tropical Africa and South America. Nearly, 200,000 cases are reported every year and 30,000 die of the disease. This figure is estimated by the World Health Organization. There are four centers registered for providing Vaccination for Yellow Fever in the Isle of Man.
The pace where you practice your GP may not be a registered center for yellow fever vaccination, they may give you advice and provide vaccination against yellow fever, still they won't be capable of administering vaccination for yellow fever, said a spokesman.

Comment: So the shortage of Yellow Fever vaccine is not only an Indian phenomenon, the bureaucracies of other countries can be as lethargic as ours !

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