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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dengue cases increase in Thailand

Published Date: 2013-09-01 21:27:11
Subject: PRO/EDR> Dengue/DHF update (72): Asia 
Archive Number: 20130901.1917233
Date: Thu 29 Aug 2013
Source: Pattaya Mail [edited]

More than 10 000 patients in the northern province of Chiang Mai have suffered dengue fever this year [2013] with 8 fatalities from the virus, according to a top Public Health Ministry official.

Chiang Mai Public Health Office deputy director Dr Surasingha Wisarutrat said 10 017 persons have been diagnosed with dengue fever since January [2013], with 9320 of the afflicted being Thais, while 697 were migrant workers from neighbouring countries. He said that 8 have died from the disease and added that the most affected were Mae Ai district followed by Mae Taeng and Doi Tao districts.

Dr Surasingha said the Chiang Mai Health Office has urged all communities in the province to help implement pro-active measures to prevent the spread of the disease. He said that although the dengue fever epidemic has declined, the effort to destroy larvae breeding sites should continue.

The public health office will conduct a Big Cleaning Day in villages and communities beginning in September [2013] to eradicate the mosquito larvae.

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[According to the above newswire, the numbers of dengue fever cases in Thailand are increasing. The newswire reported that 10 017 persons have been diagnosed with dengue fever since January 2013, including 9320 Thai nationals and 697 migrant workers from neighbouring countries; 8 persons died of dengue fever. The most affected were Mae Ai district, followed by Mae Taeng and Doi Tao districts.

The Thailand Ministry of Public Health's Bureau of Epidemiology national disease surveillance (Report 506) stated that from 1 Jan 2013 to 25 Aug 2013, a total of 62 087 cases were reported from 77 provinces, and the morbidity rate was 97.74 per 100 000 population. There were 7 deaths; the morbidity rate was 0.01 per 100 000 population. The cases were 97.3 percent Thai, 1.9 percent Burmese, 0.5 percent other, 0.1 percent Laotian, 0.1 percent Cambodian; 0.0 percent Chinese, Vietnamese and Malaysian. Seehttp://www.boe.moph.go.th/boedb/surdata/506wk/y56/en/d66_3456_en.pdf.

The patient numbers in Thailand tripled last year's (2012) figure. They could reach 150 000 cases this year (2013), and the fatalities could rise to 100-150. See PRO/MBDS posting "Dengue - Thailand (06) 20130621.1419."

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