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Friday, August 30, 2013

ZAMBIA: Govt is worried about delays of delegates for yellow fever certification in SA to Zambia

Government has expressed concern following reports that have emerged of United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) foreign delegates who have been delayed entry into Zambia by South African government for not having certificates of yellow fever vaccine.
Health minister Dr. Joseph Kasonde, says a bilateral meeting was held on May 21, 2013 during the World Health Organization (WHO) general assembly in Geneva between the Ministry of Health, South Africa and the Ministry of Health, Zambia where South Africa indicated and stated that transit passengers en-route to and from Zambia will not be required to produce certification of yellow fever vaccination.
Dr. Kasonde says he is very concerned about stories that are emerging from visitors in Livingstone who have come to attend the UNWTO general assembly.
He explains that he understands that some of them are delayed because our South African authorities were in doubt about transit through South Africa without certificate of yellow fever vaccination
Dr. Kasonde adds that any inaccurate information concerning the certification of yellow fever vaccination should be avoided so that foreign delegates are furnished with accurate information as agreed during the bilateral meeting in Geneva.
The minister stresses that there are many visitors coming from all over the world visiting Zambia and as such they should not be fed with inaccurate information concerning the certification of yellow fever vaccination.
Dr. Kasonde says the correct information is that we had discussions with the minister of health of South Africa in May this year in Geneva at the WHO where South Africa%u2019s Health Minister indicated that there will be no need for transit passengers (less than 24hours) en-route to and from Zambia to provide certification of yellow fever vaccination.
Dr. Kasonde further disclosed that during the general assembly in Geneva it was made known that the yellow fever booster injection is no longer necessary.
It was noted that yellow fever vaccination has now been proved to confer lifetime immunity and the booster injection currently given after 10 years is no longer necessary.
The Minister has since assured the visiting delegates to feel secure, adding that what transpired in South Africa, where some foreign visitors in transit to Zambia were delayed, will not reoccur.
Source: QFM
- See more at: http://ukzambians.co.uk/home/2013/08/25/govt-is-worried-about-delays-of-delegates-for-yellow-fever-certification-in-sa-to-zambia-dr-kasonde/#sthash.86YnhV1u.dpuf

Comments: While Zambia remains low risk for Yellow Fever, people transiting through have been subjected to harassment by the Immigration authorities if they do not have a Yellow Fever Vaccination certificate. Given that there may remain a small risk of flight delay, or extended stay in a YF endemic country airport, it is always preferable for travelers to plan for this vaccine BEFORE traveling to African countries that may have risk of Yellow Fever Disease.

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