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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Chikungya in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Published Date: 2013-08-13 02:54:42
Subject: PRO/EDR> Chikungunya (30): India (GU) 
Archive Number: 20130813.1870987
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Date: Wed 7 Aug 2013
Source: India.com Health [edited]

Has chikungunya [virus] made a comeback in the city [Ahmedabad]? After the civic body and the government tried their best to control the figures, the disease seems to be back again. Members of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation's (AMC) health committee on Monday [5 Aug 2013] discussed how the various diseases were increasing in the city.

According to figures obtained from the civic body, the city witnessed 43 cases of chikungunya [virus infections] last year (January 2012-December 2012). Surprisingly, 20 cases of chikungunya were reported this July [2013] alone, which is nearly 50 per cent of last year's total in just one month! Also, 39 cases of chikungunya have been reported from January to July this year [2013]. However, no deaths have been reported this year.

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[The report above does not indicate if these reported cases have been confirmed by laboratory. There have been outbreaks of chikungunya virus infection in Karnataka state this year (2013). The virus is endemic in India, so it is not surprising that there are sporadic outbreaks in various parts of the country.

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