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Saturday, April 13, 2013

YELLOW FEVER Vaccination campaign in PERU

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http://www.promedmail.orgDate: Thu 4 Apr 2013
Source: Pachamama Radio [in Spanish, transl. Mod.TY, edited]

The Melgar provincial Health Network has about 5 million doses of yellow fever vaccine to carry out a health campaign, according to a press conference by the Director of the Institute Julio Cesar Quiroz Abarca.

The doses will be distributed to the different health centers and posts within the province's jurisdiction and the Phara, Crucero and Limbani areas, he said. This [the vaccination campaign] is due to the detection of a yellow fever case in the province.

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[This campaign is in response to the 27 Mar 2013 case reported in the ProMED-mail post of 28 Mar 2013 (archive number 20130328.1608650). It is gratifying to see this rapid response to the fatal case. As mentioned by the moderator in the previous report, the Puno region is in the Peruvian Amazon basin, where yellow fever (YF) virus is endemic. All people living in this region are at risk of yellow fever virus infection transmitted from non-human primates to humans by forest mosquitoes and thus should be vaccinated, and soon will be. 

Since there are _Aedes aegypti_ that are efficient YF virus vectors present in the general lowlands of the eastern Peru area abundant enough to transmit dengue viruses, there is risk of spill-over of the sylvan transmission cycle into the urban one. That makes YF vaccination of people living in these areas an important preventive measure. 

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