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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mumps in US University

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Archive Number: 20130319.1594231
Date: Tue 13 Mar 2013
Source: NBC12 [abridged, edited]

Mumps outbreak at University of Richmond


Close to 20 University of Richmond students may be suffering from mumps. The university is warning the campus about the outbreak, which heightened since early March [2013]. Virginia Health Department officials say they have lab-confirmed 5 to 10 cases of mumps. Another 10 patients showed symptoms which may be resulting from the virus. University officials say they wasted no time in warning everyone on and off campus. Emails were mass sent to students, parents, faculty and staff.

Most children in the U.S. are immunized for MMR -- measles, mumps and rubella. Generally, you can't get into schools, including the University of Richmond, without [evidence of] those shots. However, doctors say that doesn't mean a rare outbreak of the virus can't happen. Dr. Parham Jaberi of the Virginia Department of Health says "Mumps is a similar illness] to a cold [with symptoms of) fever, headache, muscle aches. People feel tired. They may have a loss of appetite," said Jaberi. Another common symptom of mumps is swollen cheeks. Patients may also develop other inflammation of other organs, including testicular inflammation in men. Mumps is contagious. It's transferred through droplets of body fluid, mainly saliva. The best way to avoid mumps is to cover your mouth and wash your hands.

Doctors say mumps is usually not serious and can be fended off in a few days. The Virginia Health Department is trying to figure out why this mumps outbreak is happening. Officials say international traveling may be to blame. They also say there are universities in nearby states reporting cases of mumps

Comments: This is the reason why US universities insist on many vaccines before international students come to US for higher education. It is important to remember that most Indians have not received the 2 doses of MMR vaccine that is now recommended (since 2011) by the Indian Academy of Pediatrics.

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