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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sudanese Minister of Health announces 5 states of Darfur are now 'free' of yellow fever

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Archive Number: 20130107.1486073
Date: Sun 6 Jan 2013

Source AllAfrica, Radio Dabanga report [edited]


The Sudanese Minister of Health, Bahr Idriss Abu Garda, announced the 5 states of Darfur are now 'free' of yellow fever and stressed that the Ministry is waiting for the official statement of the World Health Organization (WHO).
Abu Garda informed Radio Dabanga in a statement on Sat 5 Jan [2013], that during the last 3 weeks no new cases or deaths, as a result of the fever, have been reported.
The minister stressed that approximately 5 million people in Darfur have been vaccinated during the recent vaccination campaign. The official announcement of the WHO will follow in the upcoming days, the minister added.
[One hopes that the Minister of Health is correct, and the worst yellow fever outbreak in Africa in 20 years is now over. The outbreak has affected 34 localities in Central, North, South, East, and West Darfur. However, the vaccination campaign is not yet complete, some areas not yet having been covered due to a lack of vaccine (see ProMED-mail archive no. 20130106.1484642). Also, on Wed 26 Dec 2012, the health minister of Central Darfur announced that new cases of yellow fever have been registered in the state, all patients having come from the gold mining area of Jebel 'Amer, North Darfur (see ProMED-mail archive no. 20121227.1471487). Although the dates when these patients became ill is not mentioned, they appear to have occurred less than 3 weeks ago, raising questions about the accuracy of the Minister of Health's statement. It would be good news indeed if these were the last cases in Darfur.

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