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Thursday, January 3, 2013


A ProMED-mail post
Archive Number: 20121230.1475459
Date: Fri 28 Dec 2012

Source: The Poultry Site [edited]


According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), there have been 32 cases of avian A(H5N1) influenza virus infection in humans so far this year [2012], 20 of whom have died.
According to the latest figures, published by WHO on 17 Dec 2012, most of the victims were in Egypt (11 cases; 5 deaths) but there were also 9 cases in Indonesia, 4 in Viet Nam, 3 in Bangladesh and Cambodia, and 2 in China.
Last year, 2011, there were 62 cases, of whom 34 died.
Since the emergence of H5N1 influenza in 2003, 610 people are reported to have become infected, 360 of whom have died.
It is very important to keep monitoring Avian Flu cases, since this is a potential source of the next Flu Pandemic. It is important to remember that the present Flu vaccine does not cover the Avain Flu virus, and we do not have any innate immunity against this strain, leading to high morbidity and mortality due to this infection

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