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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Yellow Fever Vaccine Shortage Affects Arkansas Travelers, Sept 2017

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. -- - Yellow fever is a viral disease transmitted by infected mosquitos. 
The depletion of the US-made vaccine means an alternative vaccine,manufactured in France, will have to be imported. 
"We are down to our last few right now so we will have to refer students and faculty who are in need of the vaccine to other clinics who do stock the current yellow fever vaccine that is there," Executive Director, Pat Walker Health Center Mary Alice Serafini.  
The disease impacts people in almost 50 countries, including South America and Africa. 
Health officials say if you're told to get the vaccine before visiting a certain country, do it. 
"Not only is the person at risk for yellow fever once they are there, but it is possible that they could be infected and bring it back," Medical Director for Immunizations, Arkansas Dept. of Health Dr. Jennifer Dillaha said. "Although we do not have yellow fever currently the united states, we have had serious yellow fever epidemics in history."
The shortage is so widespread, the only clinic with the vaccine in the state is in Little Rock. 
"Any travel clinic is equipped and trained on these types of things and make recommendations for the kind of health risks people will encounter and how they should overcome the health risks," Dr. Dillaha said. 
Travelers in Northwest Arkansas include study abroad students from the university. 
"We send a lot of students to Central and South America and Africa," Assistant Director, Office of Study Abroad at The University of Arkansas Brian Poepsel said. "Those students are going to have to work a little bit harder to obtain it. "

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