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Monday, October 12, 2015

Should Indian Adults take TdaP vaccine ?

Question : 
I am 30 years old and i am not sure if i was given DTP in my childhood. From couple of months i am facing sysmtoms related to running nose, pain in neck, shortning of breathe some time, snoring during sleeping, dry cough, regular sore throat. Do you recommend me for TDAP. Although i am fit and fine and capable of doing all work. 
If yes plz suggest vaccination center from where i can avail this in Delhi. 

You should certainly take a TdaP vaccine. This is routinely recommended between above 10 years age, as a booster dose.
You can take it with any good pediatrician :)
You can also consider taking it at a Travel Health Clinic - there is one located in # 436, Sec 28 NOIDA - Dr Rishi Gupta - TravelSafe Clinic. You can contact him at 9810806594 for appointment.

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