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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Sid, the wanderer's story regarding Yellow fever vaccination at the Government centers in Mumbai, india



I started from Pune at before 4am and reached a little after 6.30am at the building for vaccination. Everyday there are only 100 visitors who get vaccinated and I was number 104 in the list (where you put in your name and passport number). I decided to take a chance and wait. By eight there were 132 names. Initially we were all in an old room of Nav bhavan on the ground floor, but around 9.30 am they asked us to move out and line up. The line was made on the basis of the list and one of the visitors actually volunteered to help in this. I was well within 100 at this time, as about 12 people were gone already.

Nav Bhavan Building Seaman hospital Mumbai
Waiting inside early in the morning...
Nav Bhavan Building Seaman hospital Mumbai
The crowd waiting before forming a line...
Nav Bhavan Building Seaman hospital Mumbai
Some notices on wall - none are followed

They take two batches of 50 each (or so I think) and so you basically have to wait for a long time to even know if you will get a chance. I was in the line from 9.30 to 12.30 and only then go to know that I won’t get my turn today. It seems many who were not in the line originally, managed to sneak in. Unfortunately no one was in the line after no 85 could vaccinated – despite standing in alternative sun and intense rains!

After trying unsuccessfully at the Seaman Hospital, I decided to book a confirmed ticket to my destination and try again the next morning at Airport Health Organization building. I was super frustratedafter my first attempt and so went to the best five star hotel around, sat in AC, ordered black coffee and chilled for a while! I also came to the Airport building once to check the timings and locate the place so that I do not struggle in the morning and waste some precious minutes. The guard told me to come around 8am.

However, after my experience at the Nav Bhavan Building, I came here at 6am and entered my name in the list right away – I was number seven there :) You can sit at the canteen and sip tea till 8.30am when they open the seating area and you can wait there till 10.00am when the vaccination actually starts.There is a TV, air conditioning and food - what more can one ask? The vaccination process takes almost no time, and its super well organized. You go in batches of ten and the doctor takes less than ten seconds to vaccinate, and before you even know you are out in the open and happy with the day :)

Airport Health Organisation yellow fever vaccination
Airport Health Organisation building 
The canteen :)

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