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Saturday, June 14, 2014

My son aged 12 years have Egg allergy. Can he get the Yellow Fever Vaccine?


My son aged 12 years have Egg allergy. He generally gets 'Red Itchy spots'(chapaki) and sometime swelling on face after eating Boiled egg. 

Since he wish to Travel Africa and for that Yellow Fever Vaccination is required.

Please advice how to get Waive off Yellow fever vaccination based upon Egg allergy test and immigration clearance. Is the test done at your clinic?


ANS: Here is what I would recommend.
Can he eat cakes/ bakery items containing eggs without any problems? If so the vaccine should not be a problem at all.
You can get blood tests done for confirming the egg allergy if needed. Assuming these are positive, they can help you clear immigration. If these are negative I believe that the Yellow Fever Vaccination can probably be administered in a hospital setting in this situation.
Dr Gupta

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