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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Experiences for Yellow Fever vaccination in government center in Mumbai in Andheri

My experience is indeed very pathetic. The system is on line in Hyderabad, said to be taking say 3,4 hours in other cities. Today at Mumbai which is the biggest city of India we are in such a chaotic situation that a list is made containing 80 persons name and while going in for vaccination, we find that already the numbers are full and we have to make to for the next day. Where is question of entering in a common register? Making a list, circulating and running around is done by the people, and the officials, have neither any work conscience nor there is any system of a pucca register maintained at any place. 
Everywhere money plays its role. Let any scam say Adarsh scam, or 2G spectrum scam, or LIC housing finance scam or others come people are scotch free to move around and they are not bothered, since they know that they will not be punished. Why not make it online like pass port authorites, so that I can get my slot, in advance through internet and straight away go to the place and get vaccinated after paying the necessary fee?? Perhaps it is a curse that we are in a place like Mumbai and have to undergo this suffering continuously.

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The place is a shameful reflection of the appalling state of goverment run organisations in our country. The people who hand out tokens are unnecesarily rude and give preferential treatment to people of importance.A common man had to stand in the queue for hours while a DGP breezed in and got his token.We are submitted to the whim and fancies of the 2 people(who hand out tokens) and are completely under their mercy.So even if you have been waiting for a couple of hours in the hot sun, they will take their breaks, loiter around, finish up the previous days work etc.The worst part is to come back in the afternoon and wait again in a queue for the actual injection! Makes no sense at all.So what was the point of the queue in the morning? Why can`t the injection be given once and for all in the morning ? It is not possible to dedicate an entire day for a yellow fever shot.I wish there was another option.

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