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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Personal experience of a traveler getting Yellow Fever vaccination done at Bangalore government center

This is an unsolicited feedback on our blog from a traveler who took the Yellow Fever Vaccination at the Government Center in Bangalore. The actual review is posted here on this blog post, but I have copied it here to improve the visibility of the same...

I wanted a yellow fever shot done in November and when I called the public health department on a Monday they did never answer until it was at least after 20 tries .the man who answered said that I could only get the vaccination done on Wednesday. When I got there on Wednesday at 9 AM he asked me to wait and that he would call me..while I was waiting I saw a travel agent go up to him and hand him about 4 passports and I also saw him pay the guy which he put in his drawer I cannot exactly be sure of how much.After a little longer I saw a couple hand him Rs 1000 -the guy opened his drawer and the couple put the money in there...I was totally disgusted when all this was happening.He finally asked me to go pay and get a receipt and I did.when I got to the lady who was in-charge of vaccinating she yelled at me for having missed a signature on my yellow fever book..maybe its just me.But,I had a very unhappy experience at Bangalore. 
Ks ChengappaFebruary 9, 2014 at 1:45 AM

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