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Friday, January 10, 2014

What is the maximum age for taking the Yellow fever Vaccine?

Hello Doctor, Can you please confirm if there is any age limit for a person beyond which he/she is not allowed to avail this vaccine to travel to African counties...
Actually my Aunt (age 72+) is all set to travel to Malawi this Mid of Feb and I am trying to fix a YF vaccine appointment (in kolkata) for her but someone told that 72+ age is a concern and can't avail YF vaccine. Is that true?

Ans. You can get the Yellow Fever Vaccination at any age. We have personally vaccinated clients 87 years old too. Yes there is a slightly increased risk of serious adverse effects with YF vaccine in older people, however the overall risk is still very low (1:40,000 or lower), hence if travel is necessary then this can certainly be given. 
A per WHO,  risk of contracting viscerotropic disease after YF vaccination of persons more than 70 years of age is estimated to be 2.4 cases/100 000 vaccine doses.
Hence I believe that if travel is necessary, your aunt can certainly consider taking the Stamaril (Yellow Fever) vaccination.
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