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Friday, November 15, 2013

Yellow Fever: Have You Been Vaccinated?

The current worldwide shortage of the Yellow Fever vaccine is expected to last until January 2014, but The Tropical Medical Bureau have secured sufficient stock of the vaccine for the foreseeable future and are encouraging anyone planning to travel to a Yellow Fever region to receive the vaccine from their 22 clinics nationwide.
Proof of Yellow Fever cover is a requirement of entry for some countries in Africa and South America. If an individual cannot prove they have received the vaccine at least 10 days before entry they will be stopped at immigration and will be unable to complete their journey.
According to Dr Graham Fry, Medical Director of the Tropical Medical Bureau "It is extremely important to have a Yellow Fever vaccination. Contracting Yellow Fever is highly unpleasant, symptoms can include nausea, muscle pains, headaches and in some cases liver damage, which can lead to death."
For further information or to book an appointment, contact the Tropical Medical Bureau on 1850 487674 or visit tmb.ie.

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