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Monday, July 1, 2013

The reality of Yellow Fever Vaccination at Mumbai Airport Government Center

This is a comment (unedited) from a visitor to our blog
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I recently visited Airpot Health Organization at Mumbai to get vaccinated for Yellow Fever. Would like to share my experience with those who wish to visit that location.
I showed up early in the morning (~6am) and got my name and passport# written on a sheet being maintained by one of the YFV aspirant. My number was in 90s. Aparently, the list was sharted by someone previous day at 5pm, and 70th name was placed on the sheet at approx.3am.

Although only 70 vaccines are adminstred everyday and chance of me getting vaccinated that day were remote, I still hung around to see what happens. 

At approx. 8am, people started forming queue in the order their names were written on the sheet. and they were let in after checking their passport and ticket. There were a few rejects because they were not carrying proper ticket, but not enough in number for me to get within the first 70.

Anyway, for those beyond 70, a separate queue was formed. at approx, 10:30am, One of the employees at Airport Health Organization (his name is Shivaji) then declared to those waiting that they can get vaccinated for Rs. 2,000 and said that no receipt would be issued for that amount. Most of the aspirants were already restless and most agreed to pay Rs. 2,000 and they were let in.

Since I could not pay any money without getting a receipt, I wanted to talk to APHO. There are noticed in the building that if any one demands more that Rs. 300 for the vannine, a complaint must be registed with APHO. Although there are couple of phone numbers as well, but no one picked the call on those numbers.

Finally, I got to talk to APHO. He himself told me that beyond the quote of 70, the hospital has procured vaccines from the open market and therefore it costs more and therefore they charge Rs. 2,000 for it. Since it is bought in bulk, an individual receipt is not issued. He also offered an alternative to it - procure the vaccine on your own and he will adminster it and issue a certificate.

Anyway, I noticed that there are many people walking in after 12pm, paying Rs. 2000 and getting vaccinated. I reckon more than 100 people would have got themselves vaccinated by payinbg this exorbitant amount. Besides, if you are paying Rs. 2,000 the documetation required is also relaxed. I noticed that the clerk wasn't checking tickets. In one case, one person was only carrying passport photocopy and she too was administred vaccination.

In short, cash is king. Just walk in anytime after 12pm (by then most of the crowd has left), pay full amount and walk out in no time. It is open for business till 5pm. "


  1. Sir Kindly confirm whether still its available or not At Mumbai Airport

    1. We have no stock
      Please contact after 15th July
      Dr Gupta

    2. You will have to call Mumbai Airport APHO directly,
      Dr Gupta