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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pan American Health Organization: Dengue Alert

PAHO / Epidemiological alert: Dengue : June 21, 2013 

The Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) recommends that Member States, especially those in Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean, which are entering the rainy season with a higher rate of dengue transmission, continue preparation and response efforts, based on lessons learned and using the Integrated Dengue Management Strategies (IDS-Dengue) approach for prevention and control, with an emphasis on reducing deaths.
Current situation
From the beginning of 2013 up to epidemiological week (EW) 21, there have been 868,653 cases of dengue, 8,406 cases of severe dengue and 346 deaths (case fatality rate of 0.04%)in the Region of the Americas. The circulation of the 4 serotypes in the Region increases the risk of severe forms of dengue.
In the first semester of 2013, outbreaks of dengue were registered in Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Paraguay and the Dominican Republic. In places like Peru, cases were registered where there had previously not been locally acquired dengue cases.
Given the usual pattern of dengue in the Region, an increase in cases is expected in the coming months in Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean. This increase would coincide with the rainy season of those countries.

This alert is to advise Member States that are entering the period of increased dengue transmission, to continue coordination with other sectors, based on the activities in the IDS-Dengue and comprehensive outbreak response plans.
Member States are also encouraged to adapt health services to receive a greater volume of patients, as well as strengthening and providing updates for health personnel on detecting warning signs of dengue and on the clinical management of cases.

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