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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The new H7N9 Flu - China update

Published Date: 2013-04-30 04:00:23
Subject: PRO/AH/EDR> Avian influenza, human (64): China H7N9 update 
Archive Number: 20130430.1680704
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More H7N9 cases
Date: Sun 28 Apr 2013
Source: Xinhua News Agency [edited]

According to local health authorities, 5 more H7N9 bird flu cases were confirmed Sunday [28 Apr 2013] in 4 Chinese provinces. The latest confirmed cases came from east China's Zhejiang, Jiangxi, and Shandong provinces, as well as south east China's Fujian Province.

A 38 year old man tested positive for the bird flu in Zhejiang's capital of Hangzhou, according to the provincial health department. He exhibited flu symptoms on 18 Apr 2013 and is now hospitalized at the First Affiliated Hospital at Zhejiang University.

Six of the 46 cases reported in this province have resulted in death, while 9 people have been discharged from the hospital after making a full recovery. "Few of the newly confirmed patients are in critical condition," said Li Lanjuan, who is in charge of H7N9 treatment at the First Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University. She said the epidemic is expected to come under control in Zhejiang due to the closure of live poultry markets and increasing temperatures. [Previously reported in: Avian influenza, human (63): China H7N9 update 20130428.167857].

An 80 year old man and a 31 year old woman in Jiangxi Province tested positive for H7N9 bird flu on Sunday [28 Apr 2013] as well, according to the provincial health department. Of the 19 people who had close contact with the 2 patients, none have shown any abnormal symptoms so far. [Previously reported in: Avian influenza, human (63): China H7N9 update 20130428.167857].

On Sunday afternoon [28 Apr 2013], health authorities confirmed an H7N9 bird flu case in Fujian, marking the coastal province's 2nd case. The patient, an 80 year old man, is a farmer from Yangxia Township in Fuqing, a county-level city in Fujian's capital of Fuzhou. He is in critical condition, according to a statement from the province's public health department. The man developed a cough and fever before he sought treatment at a local hospital on Saturday [27 Apr 2013], it said. None of the 33 people who have had close contact with him have shown any symptoms so far. The statement added that no epidemiological connection has been found between the 2 cases reported in Fujian.

In Shandong, experts confirmed an H7N9 bird flu case in the city of Zaozhuang on Sunday [28 Apr 2013]. The patient, a 4 year old boy, developed a fever on Saturday [27 Apr 2013]. The boy is the son of Shandong's 1st confirmed H7N9 patient. But initial investigation found no evidence of human-to-human infection, according to a statement from the provincial public health department. The statement said the boy is in a stable condition.

Xu Jianguo, a researcher with the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said on Sunday [28 Apr 2013] that the chance of a major H7N9 outbreak is slim, although the situation must not be taken lightly and monitoring should be intensified. "The biggest technical obstacle for prevention is that we don't know where the virus-carrying birds are or where they will go," Xu said, adding that the epidemic is not likely to disappear soon. Xu said human infections are not related to seasonal changes. He called for focusing on effective efforts to control sources of infection.

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