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Thursday, September 13, 2012

CDC response to whether Polio Injection should be given while traveling to India

We have been asked to post the following message on behalf of the CDC.
In response to the query about polio vaccine boosters and travel to India, CDC Travelers' Health responds:
During the spring of 2012 India was taken off the list of countries in which polio vaccine is recommended for travel following WHO's announcement that India had been polio-free for over 12 months. However, CDC uses several criteria for determining whether to recommend vaccination for travelers:
1. Whether wild poliovirus is circulating;
2. Whether there have been cases of polio due to the wild virus within the previous 12 months;
3. Whether the country borders others where there have been cases of wild polio within the previous 12 months; and
4. Whether surveillance systems are able to adequately capture cases of acute flaccid paralysis (AFP) within the country.
Based on the fact that India borders Pakistan, which continues to have cases, India was again placed on the list of countries where polio vaccine is recommended. A one-time adult polio booster is therefore recommended for those who have had a primary series and are traveling to countries listed in the travel notice Update on the Global Status of Polio.

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