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Friday, March 23, 2012

A common question - Should vegetarian's be routinely testes for egg allergy before Yellow Fever Vaccination ?

I received a related question the other day, & I am posting the same here
Question : "Dear Sir,
Yesterdar, I along with my family and friends went for yellow fever vaccination.For being vegetarian they did egg allergy test for all of us before vaccination.One friend from our group found allergic to egg in that test and denied for yellow fever vaccination.We have already booked everything to travel to Kenya and South Africa.
My reply to the same is as follows ...
Answer : Doing egg allergy testing is NOT recommended for vegetarians routinely, and I would not have done it.
Here is my post that discusses the same issue,
Now given that the test has been done, and the person found ? allergic, there are two options,
1. He can ask the doctor who has done the test to give a certificate saying that the person is allergic to egg and hence the vaccination is not being given,
2. He can take the vaccination after discussing this with the doctor, in a hospital based setting.
I would recommend that the first option is easier to do, and you can ask carry the original allergy testing report and the doctor's certificate during immigration.
Warm regards
Dr Gupta 


  1. Dear sir,
    For the same issue I want to know that whether test dose is necessary for Vegetarian people or not as my wife had allergy all over her body due to medicine like Krimson-35 and Mecgla nearly 45 days back(she had taken injections like AVIL and Decadron to cure the Allergy). Please suggest accordingly and please SMS me your mobile no. I want to talk to you.my mobile no is +919840076638.

    1. My mobile number is 9872303775.
      If possible, please call at landline at Charak Clinics at 1725092585, 4663775 during office hours (9:30 to 1:30 and 5 PM to 8 PM) except Sundays.
      As you can see from the above article, there is no recommendation for testing for Egg Allergy in case of Yellow Fever vaccine for vegetarians.
      Warm regards
      Dr Gupta