We are NOT authorized by Govt of India for Yellow Fever Vaccination

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Advantages of Private Vaccination over Government centers for Yellow Fever vaccination in India?

Here are the advantages of a private center over government approved centers...
1. WHO Pre-approved vaccination (Stamaril - French vaccine - Aventis Pharma) used.
2. Convenient ( given all days, morning and evening, and even on most holidays, except Sundays)
3. Less chances of Side-effects, since high quality French vaccine used, unlike government centers using multi-dose vaccinations of potentially weaker quality (Russian/ Chinese non WHO pre-approved vaccines).
4. Single dose vaccine given, unlike government set up where one vaccine is used to vaccinate 10 individuals (multi-dose vial), leading to increased risk of infections & side-effects.
5. Proper signed and stamped WHO International certificate of vaccination provided, that is valid Internationally for 10 years.

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