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Friday, August 6, 2010

What are the BEST resources for Travel related information / vaccinations ?

I would recommend the following resources as authoritative and comprehensive, if you are looking for genuine and rapid access to vast amounts of constantly update travel information.
  1. CDC Traveler's Health Yellow Book
  2. WHO International Travel and Health report
While there are a large number of websites offering travel medicine related information, these are the only two websites that are regularly updated and have huge amounts of unbiased up to date information about almost any travel related health concerns that need to be addressed.

All information provided by Dr Gaurav Gupta, MD, Charak Clinics. Stamaril, Yellow Fever Vaccine is available at Charak Clinics, Chandigarh, North India for all travelers to Endemic Countries in Africa / Central & South America with WHO certificate of vaccination valid for 10 years. For details write to us at drgaurav-at-charakclinics.com (replace -at- by @) or call at 91-172-5092585, 91-9872303775 during Office Hours.

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